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The Launch of MPOWER Change

Building Online Political Power in the American Muslim Community

The script is about to get flipped. We will waste no time. Consistency will be the game, power will be the results. MPOWER Change is the name.

What is MPOWER Change?

Why Are You Organizing Online?

The Potential?

Where is Your Website?

Muslims are in need of this type of platform all over the world, do you plan on expanding beyond the United States?

Can I Submit a Campaign idea to MPOWER Change?

The need for Muslim grassroots organizing is much greater than just online. Do you have plans to expand beyond just a digital platform?

Who is Behind MPOWER Change?

How can we get involved in MPOWER Change?

Can I make a donation to MPOWER Change?

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MPower Change is a grassroots movement working to build social, spiritual, racial, and economic justice for all people.

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