American Muslims Respond to Anti-Islam Rallies with Voter Registration Campaign

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As a proactive response to planned anti-Islam hate rallies this weekend, a coalition of national American Muslim organizations today announced the launch of a year-long nationwide voter registration campaign with the initial goal of registering 20,000 voters before the 2016 March Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

The MPOWER Change leadership team commented about these rallies that,

“Systemic oppression against American Muslims is a reality. Our faith and the right to worship are under attack. American Muslims can change the conditions of our communities and society by building consistent grassroots power through organizing and engagement in the political process on our terms.”

Participating Muslim organizations say the voter registration campaign is designed to help push back against the message of Islamophobia and marginalization promoted by 20 anti-Islam hate rallies scheduled today and tomorrow. (See hate rally backgrounder below)

Organizations supporting the voter registration campaign include American Muslim Alliance (AMA),American Muslim Institution (AMI), American Muslim Taskforce (AMT), Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Diyanet Center of America, Emerge USA, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), MPOWER Change, Muslim American Society (MAS), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Muslim American Citizens Coalition & Public Affairs Council(MACCPAC), Prince George’s County Muslim Council, and Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA).

Campaign organizers say they seek to highlight the position of American Muslim houses of worship and Islamic institutions as local community resources that foster civic and democratic engagement.

In support of the campaign, Emerge USA has compiled voter registration fact sheets for every State that an anti-Muslim rally will be taking place.

Through the voter registration campaign, Muslim community leaders say they are demonstrating their commitment to challenging Islamophobia and other forms of hate and bigotry. The campaign will be accompanied by the hashtag #HateUnchecked.

Recent Islamophobic statements by presidential candidates have increased public awareness of the growing use of hate speech in our political discourse.

The national voter registration campaign will challenge this message of prejudice through civic engagement and by asserting the rights of all Americans in the upcoming general election.

Voter registration events will be conducted at mosques and Islamic community centers across the country and open to the public.

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MPower Change is a grassroots movement working to build social, spiritual, racial, and economic justice for all people.

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