Muslim Communities Getting Out The Vote Is One Of The Most Underreported Election 2020 Stories

By Ishraq Ali and Kifah Shah

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Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

In a normal election year, it is usually only around the first Presidential debate or so that most voters of all faith backgrounds begin seriously tuning in.

But this has been no normal election year. Want proof of that? Look at the pre-election engagement we’ve seeing from Muslim voters across the United States for months now.

We should know. We’re the chief organizers behind the #MyMuslimVote project, and senior staff at MPower Change, a prominent Muslim-led digital advocacy organization. My Muslim Vote is one of the largest Muslim voter mobilization projects in the United States. We’re almost entirely volunteer-powered, with organizers in every region of the country. We’ve seen firsthand just how many U.S. Muslim voters are not just watching the news unfold, but getting other U.S. …

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Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

By Linda Sarsour

Ramadan Mubarak! At the outset of this blessed month, we’re grateful to be able to experience it, but we know that this year, Ramadan will look much different than it has in past years.

Whether you are spending Ramadan caring for at-risk family members, isolated from those you love due to travel restrictions, or simply finding creative ways to adjust to the new normal, it’s never been more important to find ways to stay in community.

We know this will present its own unique challenge. Keeping each other safe this Ramadan means practicing physical distancing, and learning how to stay connected without the large gatherings and group prayers to which we are accustomed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still commit to doing good deeds throughout the month — even if they must take place virtually and from afar. …

Just in case SCOTUS needs any more evidence of the xenophobic, bigoted intent behind Trump’s Muslim Ban

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Note: the following list was compiled using data gathered by Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative (see the full Interactive Timeline here), along with other data. Any additions, modifications, or errors are solely the responsibility of MPower Change.

With SCOTUS set to hear the case on Trump’s Muslim Ban next week, here’s just some of the preponderance of evidence of Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry and racist fear of refugees and immigrants — which have been the driving force behind every iteration of the Ban:

A Long History of Islamophobia

9/4/2010 — Trump Suggests the U.S. is at War with Muslims

Five years before announcing his candidacy, Trump discusses the Park51 Islamic Community Center in Manhattan on The Late Show. Host David Letterman asks, “Does this, in fact, suggest that we are officially at war with Muslims?” to which Trump responds, “Well somebody knocked down the World Trade Center… somebody’s blowing us up. …

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Muslim and Jewish Faith Leaders are Arrested in Front of Rep. Paul Ryan’s Office in Washington D.C. — Photo Credit Kyle O’Leary for MPower Change

After being arrested today in front of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office, Imam Omar Suleiman, a prominent Muslim leader from Dallas, Texas said,

“We cannot let any community suffer in isolation or we will all pay the price.”

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Photo Credit: Les Talusan / National Immigration Law Center

The biggest threat to a White Supremacist agenda is solidarity and unity.

The biggest threat to an administration that targets people based on their religion is all of us, coming together, to say that we won’t stand for it.

This is why, for the past two years, we’ve been building MPower Change — to create a powerful grassroots Muslim presence in the movement for social justice. We’re building power to represent all of the diversity and beauty of our Muslim communities — and making a game-changing impact on national and local levels.

Last Wednesday, in Washington, D.C., a coalition of over 40 diverse organizations, led by Muslim community organizers, sent a message to Donald Trump loud and clear. Thousands came out in the middle of the week to march and declare together: No. Muslim. Ban. …

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Photo taken at a rally for #OurThreeBrothers at the University of Washington — Seattle, Washington — Photo Credit — Raisa Janjua

In the name of God the Merciful, the Mercy-Giving

Ours is an age filled with fantasies of superheroes coming to the rescue and a daily existence filled with very real villains. This is an age where we can also feel hopeless, but we are here to show you that every day hundreds of sheroes and heroes spend their lives fighting for you. From racial justice organizers to union leaders, spiritual freedom fighters to street corner revolutionaries, these 100 people featured are just a small portion of the American Muslims who organize daily for a better world for all. …

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As a proactive response to planned anti-Islam hate rallies this weekend, a coalition of national American Muslim organizations today announced the launch of a year-long nationwide voter registration campaign with the initial goal of registering 20,000 voters before the 2016 March Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

The MPOWER Change leadership team commented about these rallies that,

“Systemic oppression against American Muslims is a reality. Our faith and the right to worship are under attack. American Muslims can change the conditions of our communities and society by building consistent grassroots power through organizing and engagement in the political process on our terms.”

Participating Muslim organizations say the voter registration campaign is designed to help push back against the message of Islamophobia and marginalization promoted by 20 anti-Islam hate rallies scheduled today and tomorrow. …

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Building Online Political Power in the American Muslim Community

The script is about to get flipped. We will waste no time. Consistency will be the game, power will be the results. MPOWER Change is the name.

There are American Muslim organizers and organizations doing effective and impactful work across the country. From winning campaigns to passing landmark police reform legislations to incorporating Muslim holidays in public school districts in key municipalities — we are getting more strategic and more organized.

But something has been missing; that’s where we come in. We needed a more influential way for Americans Muslims to speak out on the issues we care most about and hold those accountable who attack, vilify and/or target our communities. MPOWER Change is what we have been waiting for. American Muslim communities are diverse and complex, and care about many issues, from human rights to voting rights to the environment. We were long overdue for an online organization that enables us to respond in rapid, nationwide, coordinated ways as a community. …


MPower Change

MPower Change is a grassroots movement working to build social, spiritual, racial, and economic justice for all people.

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